Friday, February 4, 2011

You Guys ROCK!!!

So, I couldn't come up with a better title for this post but it is absolutely true.
You guys kicked major behind for the show. I am so thrilled at how everyone participated, it was humbling at how everyone stepped up to the plate and contributed. The feedback was great from the public who made it to the opening.

THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE NTH SAY CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT (they said GREAT) SHOW!!! They are not the kind of people to offer hollow praise and I could see in their eyes that they all meant it. They were really impressed, all of them, completely.

Every aspect of the show was great. The layout, how well we all worked together, the respect, and consideration. All of which I greatly appreciate. Y'all made me proud.

I know that working under that kind of pressure is stressful but you guys handled it wonderfully, probably better than I did. I appreciate that as well.

We will be meeting at the gallery on Monday to discuss things. Bring a camera to document the work for your portfolios or just to have decent images of the work that was in the show.

Y'all are awesome.
Have a safe weekend, see you on Monday.

......I have a bunch of great images that I'll get on the blog a.s.a.p.

Joe Biggs

Monday, January 31, 2011

"We artists are indestructible; even in a prison, or in a concentration camp, I would be almighty in my own world of art, even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell."
Pablo Picasso

The Deally Yo

Alright, so for this final push of a week:

I'll be in the gallery on Tues. at 1:00 at the latest, by all accounts, if I am late, please stick around and I"ll be there soon. I can be there until 5:15 or so and then I gotta bounce until about 8:45 or so. The peeps at the Nth said that they are cool if I leave y'all but someone's gotta be "in charge" to take the hit if anything should go wrong or go missing. If someone who is present is willing to be the responsible party then I am cool with leaving y'all to work without me. When I am there, I'm the responsible one, of course, so when I ain't there they want someone to blame if things go sour.
Wednesday, I can be at the gallery from classtime onward, until needed.
Tues, I could be there around 3, until 5:15 or so....same deal as Tues.
Friday, I can be there all day, frankly I expect too.
Anyone that can be there, it would be greatly appreciated. We have balloons to get on the ceiling, the fort to finish, the tree to make, the silhouette to cut out and paint in front of the bathroom (don't let me forget about this one!!!) so we gotta lot of work to do. Next week will be more chill, hanging out in the gallery, talking about the work, etc. but I ask that we work diligently until Saturday. It'll pay off.
Please comment on this post on the blog to let me know when y'all can be at the gallery so I ain't there killing time by myself.

Thanks again y'all things are looking good,
Joe Biggs


Sunday, January 30, 2011

My availability

I can stick around the Nth after class on Monday until about 7pm or so. They have there weekly meetings on Mon. evening so we'll have to tidy up the place a bit b4 we get out if there on Mon. On Tues. I can be there pretty much from after lunch time onwards, for the text of the day. Wed= I can stay after class as long as is needed. Thurs= ican be there after 3 for as long as is needed, Fri= all day.
If you get this b4 class, please figure out what time(s) you are willing and able to be there outside of class so we can coordinate everything. We are in a pretty good spot but we still have a ways to go!
Thanks for looking out Josh.
Be good y'all.....
Oh yeah, I heard that they are calling for freezing rain on Monday, if class should be cancelled, I'll be at the gallery regardless, keep your fingers crossed that it is not cancelled.