Monday, January 31, 2011

The Deally Yo

Alright, so for this final push of a week:

I'll be in the gallery on Tues. at 1:00 at the latest, by all accounts, if I am late, please stick around and I"ll be there soon. I can be there until 5:15 or so and then I gotta bounce until about 8:45 or so. The peeps at the Nth said that they are cool if I leave y'all but someone's gotta be "in charge" to take the hit if anything should go wrong or go missing. If someone who is present is willing to be the responsible party then I am cool with leaving y'all to work without me. When I am there, I'm the responsible one, of course, so when I ain't there they want someone to blame if things go sour.
Wednesday, I can be at the gallery from classtime onward, until needed.
Tues, I could be there around 3, until 5:15 or so....same deal as Tues.
Friday, I can be there all day, frankly I expect too.
Anyone that can be there, it would be greatly appreciated. We have balloons to get on the ceiling, the fort to finish, the tree to make, the silhouette to cut out and paint in front of the bathroom (don't let me forget about this one!!!) so we gotta lot of work to do. Next week will be more chill, hanging out in the gallery, talking about the work, etc. but I ask that we work diligently until Saturday. It'll pay off.
Please comment on this post on the blog to let me know when y'all can be at the gallery so I ain't there killing time by myself.

Thanks again y'all things are looking good,
Joe Biggs


  1. Tues: 3:30 to 4:45, 7:30 on (if anyone else will be there at that time)
    Wed: 3:00 to whenever
    Thurs: same as Tues
    Fri: After 12 until show, except I have a meeting at 1:30 that should last 45 minutes

  2. Joe Biggs...
    Tuesday- anytime BESIDES 3-5:50 /:
    Wednesday- 11- 4:50 then anytime after 7
    Thursday- same as Tuesday
    Friday- all day longggg


  3. Tues: class from 2-6:15
    Wednesday: free after 12:15 until 8:00
    Thursday: class from 11-6:15
    Fri: free after 10:00


  4. Cool.
    I'll just be there around 1:00 on Tues., again, if I'm late I'll be there shortly, gotta lot to do otherwise too.

    If it just seems that it is myself and one other person, we could get on the balloon ceiling, or something else that doesn't take a bunch of folks.
    Wed. will be the same as Monday and Thurs the same as Tues. Friday is crunch time.

    Thanks again for all the work y'all.


  5. I can try to be there this afternoon around 3. Got a couple of cans for the tree. I have more rounds to make for those from friends. I also am trying to see if I can get my large sheets of like foil for the tree as well. Keep you posted on that.

    See you this evening