Sunday, January 30, 2011

My availability

I can stick around the Nth after class on Monday until about 7pm or so. They have there weekly meetings on Mon. evening so we'll have to tidy up the place a bit b4 we get out if there on Mon. On Tues. I can be there pretty much from after lunch time onwards, for the text of the day. Wed= I can stay after class as long as is needed. Thurs= ican be there after 3 for as long as is needed, Fri= all day.
If you get this b4 class, please figure out what time(s) you are willing and able to be there outside of class so we can coordinate everything. We are in a pretty good spot but we still have a ways to go!
Thanks for looking out Josh.
Be good y'all.....
Oh yeah, I heard that they are calling for freezing rain on Monday, if class should be cancelled, I'll be at the gallery regardless, keep your fingers crossed that it is not cancelled.

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  1. Hey Joe I checked to see if there was free leftover wood stain in the wood lab in Katherine Harper but it has all been used up