Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Machines for Washing

Hey guys, I dropped by the thrift store today and picked up 10 or 11 sheets but I don't have a way to wash them. Would anyone have time or the ability to wash them (preferably before class tomorrow)?

Also, I got 100 or so balloons but couldn't find string to attach to the bottom of the balloons if we decide to do that or for stringing the sheets of the fort up...Maybe if someone already has strings they could bring them along?


  1. what kind of string? i have hemp and different colored thread andddd fishing wire? also, i could definitely was some of the sheets... maybe all of them?

  2. Hey I have no idea what kind of wire we'll need, or if we'll even need it, but as for sheet washing that would be great, would you have time before 5 tomorrow? if not I'll just bring them any way.

  3. yeah dude I mean I have a break from 11-3PM so just call me so we can arrange something... 704 654 5039.