Monday, January 24, 2011

creepy sounds


This might be the epitome of creepy sounds. And there are others to choose from if we decided to have them in the background...

Also, I was thinking it could be neat to draw on the floor with chalk like there is a game of hop-scotch right when people walk in. That way they would have a pretty good grasp on the concept of the show and could follow the numbers wherever they're supposed to lead to.


  1. The hop-scotch idea is a good one. If the first room is covered with blankets/sheets/etc. we could consider having it as soon as one enters the larger space, or just leave the room for it in the fort. What could we use as the "beanbag"? Maybe a head ripped off of a stuffed animal or something?

  2. The sound website is just what we are looking for too. We'll have to figure out a way to either use a laptop, get it on an MP3 player or on CD to get it in the show.
    Great find, thanks.

  3. yeah i think this is perfect for the show just the creepy sounds we were looking for.