Monday, April 11, 2011


April 20-27th. Public Installation Art installed.
1)Eric McIohan - Robot Apocalypse at Beanstalk
2)Josh Roche and Zach Simpson - Mummies, in Bulldog Beer and Wine parking lot
3)Daniel Creech - Bear/Salmon - concrete staircase beside Hot Diggity Dog
                           - Confined - Hole in Wall by Hot Diggity Dog
4)Mary Pearce - Chained Figurative Piece - College Cir. near parking deck ASU Campus
5)Katherine Avery and Cody Andrews - Whimsical Window - Lucky Penny store front
6)Jillian Leak - Figurative Wire Sculpture - Tree in front of Walker Hall ASU Campus
7)Dane Wellemeyer - Origami Cranes in Trees - Sanford Mall ASU Campus
8) Sarah Dellicarpini - Alien - Staircase next to Hot Diggity Dog
9)Sarah Dellicarpini - Toxic Waste Site - Vacant lot across from Baptist Church, King St.
10)Rachel Hallihan and Zach Simpson - Electric Garden - beside Wey Hall ASU Campus
11)Sarah Dellicarpini - Bubbles, Interactive Performance, April 25th, 2011 at 3:15pm - in front of Wey Hall
12)Dane Wellemeyer, Andrew Dobson, Katie Martin, Cate Neyland, Josh Roche - Giant Scrabble Board, Plemmons Student Union ASU Campus
13)Cate Neyland - Site Specific Installation - Sanford Mall ASU Campus

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